Sweet Digs   (2019)

Iridescent polyurethane fabric, organza fabric, water-based paint markers, and mylar balloons. Created for Power Ball: 21 Club in collaboration with Bumble, installed at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Curated by Emilia Ziemba and Justine Kohleal. 

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Sarah Zanchetta critically explores the male gaze, juxtapositions of masculinity/femininity and the rules and regulations around sexuality through the lens of social media. Her installation for Power Ball: 21 Club speaks to the difficulty many women, LGBTQ and non-binary people face when navigating new online relationships.

Sweet Digs emphasises, however, that no matter how difficult it may be—with confusing twists and turns, vexing obstacles and discouraging dead ends—it is, nonetheless, a thrill to make the first move.

Sweet Digs was inspired by Bumble's mission to change antiquated gender norms, in part by encouraging women to make the first move. Zanchetta submitted her proposal through an application on Bumble Bizz that called for artists to exhibit their work at Power Ball.

- text by Emilia Ziemba and Justine Kohleal

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