between sky and cement   (2023)

Lightweight cotton fabric, cotton embroidery thread, metal grommets, and natural dyes. Total of 24 pages front and back.  40cm x 27cm x 5cm.

- - -

between sky and cement is a collaborative handmade textile book created by the Evergreen Brick Works community and facilitated by artist Sarah Zanchetta in the Summer of 2023. Each flower or leaf preserved in this book was foraged and hammered with care by a workshop participant. While the colours may fade over the years, we are forever grateful to every participant. Thank you for your curiosity, energy, and excitement toward this project - without you, this project would not have been possible. 

Lastly, thank you to the amazing Evergreen Brick Works team who funded and supported this project as part of their Community Spotlight 2023 program. between sky and cement can be found onsite at Evergreen Brick Works in their community and educational collection. Digital copies of the work are available upon request.

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