Sarah Zanchetta (she/they) is a textile artist based in Toronto, Canada. She holds a Master of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University. Their work has been exhibited in Canada, and Italy, with the most recent exhibition at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto. She has collaborated with several organizations to create community-based work for their permanent collections, including the Kortright Centre for Conservation and Evergreen Brick Works.

Zanchetta’s practice dives into her loss of connection and knowledge of poisonous plants that grow in North America. She seeks to foster a relationship with flora without placing the weight of human benefit in the foreground. They question what it means to seek out kinship with the poisonous, moving past the realm of risk avoidance and into a place of care. Many of her works simultaneously track her hands-on relationship with an individual plant and the unravelling of stories, scientific facts and myths that surround them. They use textiles and text to create intimate works, a space to unfold our curiosities, care, and anxieties about what grows beneath our feet.  



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