for the presence of nymphs (2023)

Cotton fabric, synthetic thread, cotton embroidery thread, and polyester batting. 71 cm x 86 cm. 

- - -

for the presence of nymphs  is a collaborative artwork created through an educational embroidery workshop with a focus on the Lily-of-the-Valley facilitated by artist Sarah Zanchetta in partnership with curator Paige Lauren for her exhibition Craft(y) Revival. Each embroidered square of this piece was sewn with care by a workshop participant. We are thankful for each participant’s curiosity about the land we live upon and openness to share, learn, and try new things. Without them this artwork would not have been possible. 

Participants’ names: Ayeda Ayed, Rosemary Carey, Zarife Dalipi, Taya Dekker, Sherrel Dhanpaul, Hannah Dickson, Jennifer Franklin, Naghmeh Jafari, Lorraine Mackenzie-Butler, Shannah Markee, Lise Medd, Caeden Mills, Akshata Narvekar, Jade Nelson, Shipra Pathak, Erin Prysiazny, Heather Riley, Mardea Sulog, Vibeke Silverthorne, and Jacqui Walker. 

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