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Quarantine Quilts

$300.00 CAD

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These handmade quilts were made during the first lockdown of COVID-19. They are an exploration into quilting with everyday fabrics and scraps. Each quilt's embroidery reflects on the week of quarantine that they were made; was it the Tiger King week or sourdough bread week? 

Quilts from top to bottom are: 

Week Two - 26" wide x 46" long (66 cm x 116 cm)

Week Five - 27" wide x 36" long (68 cm x 91 cm) 

Week Six -  33" wide x 33" long (83 cm x 83 cm)

Week Nine - 23" wide x 24" long (58 cm x 60 cm)

Week Twelve - 17" wide x 31" long (43 cm x 78 cm)

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