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  1. Some Artists to Get on Your Radar

    09 Feb 2020

    The last couple of blog posts have been a few long reads, so I thought it might be a good time to change it up a bit and go back to everyone’s favourite - the infamous list blog. This week we will be jumping in, and looking at some artists…

  2. 15 Home Studio Must-Haves

    12 Jan 2020

    Last week I dived into why I have a home studio, and since then I have had a lot of questions about what I think you need to create a good home studio. Now I am not expert by any means, but I thought I would make a quick-fire list…

  3. Why I Have A Home Studio

    05 Jan 2020

    When I studied at OCAD University, my main studio space was on campus. In the first two years, I was ducking in and out of class studios to use the space when it was free, never really in peace, always surrounded by the noise - either the loud clanking ceiling…

  4. Just Text Me Exhibition Review

    17 Nov 2019

    “Just Text Me” is the current exhibition at Grab a Slice Gallery (inside Albany’s pizza), so not only can you see contemporary art, you can grab great pizza as well. The exhibition is curated by Alexis Venerus, an emerging curator on Toronto’s art scene. Through storytelling and collaboration, Alexis weaves…

  5. Top 3 Fabric Stores in Toronto

    10 Nov 2019

    If you are a textile novice like me, Toronto’s fashion district can be a bit daunting. From Spadina Ave. to Ossington St., Queen St West is flooded with a variety of fabric stores. Rolls of fabric crowd the front of the shops, price tags nowhere to be seen. You climb…

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