Sarah Zanchetta is a multidisciplinary artist currently based out of Toronto, Canada. Her practice is influenced by her childhood. After growing up in a male-dominated society, she now questions the rules and regulations around sexuality. Sarah is a graduate of the Drawing and Painting BFA at OCAD University. During this time, she was chosen to spend eight months in Florence, Italy, for the Off-Campus program in 2017. This experience instilled Sarah with a love for research, so much so that it has become the core of her artistic practice. Research and experimentation are valued over medium, over colour, and even over size. Her works ebb and flow depending on their concept, morphing to fit comfortably into their surroundings.

Currently, Sarah critically explores the male gaze through the lens of social media. Often weaving her personal experiences with sexual harassment into the work. She experiments and pushes the boundaries between the feminine and masculine, also between design and art. By altering found imagery depicting ‘traditional’ masculinity into repetitive feminine designs.The pattern is then printed on satin fabric to achieve its final form, full of bold colour and subtle imagery. Calling the viewer forward, to interact with the piece. Sarah Zanchetta’s practice is about creating an environment where conversations, protest, and change thrive.

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