Quarantine Quilts, 2020 - 2021

Second hand fabric,  polyester thread, cotton thread, and batting.


Quarantine Quilts create spaces of comfort in a time where emotions of unease fill the air. Built from fabric scraps and materials of childhood wonder, they protect the viewer in a warm embrace. Their embroidered messages hint back to conversations once had with loved ones and friends. They relay the desire for connection through communication during these difficult times. 

Week Twelve Quilt (20 inches x 28 inches)

"will we be ok"


Week Ten Quilt (42 inches x 42 inches)

"i miss you"


Week Nine Quilt (24 inches x 24 inches)

"i'm confused"


Week Six Quilt (32 inches x 32 inches)

"so... i'm learning to bake bread"


Week Five Quilt (28 inches x 28 inches)

"are you still watching?"


Week Two Quilt (18 inches x 30 inches)

"i'm fine"


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