Dirty Laundry, 2020

Second-hand female owned undergarments, synthetic thread, rope, clothespins, and sod.


Dirty Laundry is a collection of hand-embroidered anonymous confessions on second-hand undergarments. With these pieces, I am interested in exploring feminine underwear as a symbol of privacy. A symbol flooded with both our vanity and shame.

The undergarments were sent by mail anonymously for this project. Each garment came with a note, a confession of something private that the owner wanted to let go of. These notes were then embroidered into each piece. During this process I sat with the note taking on the burden on this confession, some were reflections on previous relationships, some were vulgar, but most complained about the everyday struggles they faced. 

In early June 2020, the laundry was aired out on a clothesline in High Park. The clothesline was tied to two skinny trees that lined a narrow hiking path near a stream’s edge. This is where the pieces stayed, just out of sight, until one day they were no longer there.

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