Some Artists to Get on Your Radar

The last couple of blog posts have been a few long reads, so I thought it might be a good time to change it up a bit and go back to everyone’s favourite - the infamous list blog. This week we will be jumping in, and looking at some artists that I am currently obsessed with - either because of their technique, colour palette, and/or theme. So here we go, this is a list of the 5 current artists that I cannot get enough of - in no particular order.

Nicole Dyer (@steakbagel)

Nicole Dyer is an artist based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Her work explores the need for excess when we are supposed to be limiting ourselves. Dyer collects items that connect to the act of eating and sharing - focusing on those brief moments of pleasure when the food is first consumed.

Stine Leth (@stinelethdk)

Stine Leth is a knit artist based in Denmark. Her sculptural objects emerge through yarn and other various materials. Leth’s work plays with the balance and boundaries of form and colour.

Owen Marshall (@owen_marshall)

Owen Marshall is a printmaker located in Toronto, Canada. His work examines the agency and ownership of objects, along with the possible humorous elements that go along with it. 

Danny J Ferrell (@dannyjferrel)

Danny Ferrell is a painter living and working out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His portraiture explores queer culture through detailed large scale paintings.  Ferrell is known for his use of a decadent colour palette, transforming his subject matter into royalty.

Emily Jan (@emilyjan)

Emily Jan is a Montreal-based artist and writer. Jan crafts hyper-realistic installations of flora and fauna using a combination of handmade and found objects. Her work explores the turmoil of climate change and mass extinctions in relation to being a human still amazed by the beauty of the world.

Did your current obsession make it onto my list? If not, let me know and I would love to check them out. Please go show these artists some love, and hopefully, they will become part of your weekly art intake! I know they are part of mine.

- Sarah Zanchetta

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