Just Text Me Exhibition Review

“Just Text Me” is the current exhibition at Grab a Slice Gallery (inside Albany’s pizza), so not only can you see contemporary art, you can grab great pizza as well. The exhibition is curated by Alexis Venerus, an emerging curator on Toronto’s art scene. Through storytelling and collaboration, Alexis weaves together not only a cohesive show but one that balances the difficult affair between technology and textiles.

The show utilizes old textile techniques to make commentary on the ever-growing digital world. Highlighting the positivity an online community can have on one’s daily life and the endlessness of modern communication. Do you really text anyone bye anymore? Or is every message just a part of one massive conversation that you started years ago. 

Venerus’ curation of the show heightens your sense of touch. Every artwork urges you to touch it as you walk through the gallery. The work comforts you in their familiarity, inviting you into the conversation - asking you to think about the significant textiles in your daily life. 

When you look past the artwork and into the gallery space, you realize the feat that Venerus has accomplished at Grab A Slice Gallery. It would be easy to make artwork in a pizza shop feel outdated or cheesy (pun intended). However, through the thoughtful spacing, hanging and overall installation of the show - Venerus allows you to drift off with the work, erasing the sometimes chaotic retail atmosphere from the conversation.

It is a sensation that is hard to describe, so I recommend to go check out the show for yourself! The exhibition is open until November 25, 2019 at 222 Lansdowne Ave, and has amazing hours: 11am to 11pm most days. There are a total of five artists in the show: Ange Adair with Brother Jopa, Alesha Aquino, David Crinshaw, Jana Ghalayini, and Nora Wang. Their works highlight the great diversity within the textile community, and true mastery of their craft. 

“Just Text Me” is a must-see show for the everyday contemporary art lover. It is accessible, easy to digest, and adds commentary to a conversation that most of us are already part of. There is also a digital zine available to add more insight into the show, please contact Alexis Venerus to grab your own copy today! 

So go and check it out now! You only have a week left, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Let me know what you think of the show, and fill out your own from (featured below) to join the conversation, just tag @alexus_projects when you post it to your own Instagram. My answers to the form will be featured tomorrow, November 17th, 2019 on the Alexus Projects Instagram as part of my artist takeover. So stay tuned to see how I join the conversation. 

- Sarah Zanchetta 

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