My Studio Playlist

Alright, if you are like me, then you have listened to all your favourite songs 8000 times by now, and no new podcasts are coming out since everyone is practicing social distancing. So now what? You can’t just create art in silence. 

So if your practice is like mine, where you can’t watch Netflix and work away, I thought I could help you out a bit. 

Here is my current, ever-changing studio playlist that you can all join in on listening to, with me, on Spotify. It’s public and should include some songs or artists that you haven’t heard before. So click here to listen to it. 

Also, please feel free to recommend me any songs or artists that you would like to see included in the playlist. It would be amazing to grow the list as a community, so we can all get excited about hearing our favourite song come on randomly. 

Now, I can’t make a playlist of the podcasts I am currently listening to, but I can give you the names for them below. I believe most are available on Spotify - but you may need to access some through the iPhone Podcast app. If you want to jump into any of these podcasts, I included an episode recommendation to make it a little easier. 

1. Hyperallergic - a weekly podcast that often interviews artists, curators, and other members of the art community to talk about current events, roughly every episode is about 30 minutes in length. Check out chapter 39, “The Story Behind Our Art Handlers Expose.” 

2. TED Talks Art - short 10-minute episodes where one person gives a talk about a particular topic that they are fascinated about.  Listen to “Why art thrives at Burning Man | Nora Atkinson”.

3. A Conversation With - created by YouTuber Philip DeFranco, this weekly podcast (currently on hiatus) follows DeFranco as he interviews a variety of social media influencers about their past and current experiences. These episodes run anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. I recommend jumping in at “Rhett & Link Respond to Religious Backlash After ‘Coming Out’ Agnostic & More | Ep. 25”. 

4.  Face Jam - if you are like me, and can’t eat fast food without your stomach flipping for days - but are still curious about what the appeal is, then you need to check out Face Jam. It is two guys rating limited edition fast food items (they eat off camera don’t worry), and tell their stories of the weird events that happen when they try to track down the food. It is a truly chaotic and funny hour-long podcast - you have to listen to “KFC Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles.” 

5. My Dad Wrote A Porno - now, this is a seasonal podcast, and I am unsure if they are coming out with new episodes, but there is definitely enough to listen to if you haven’t yet.  It follows Jamie, who reads aloud the porno that his dad wrote to his two friends. That is all I am going to say because I do not want to wreck this wild podcast for you - perfect if you need a good laugh. You will need to start from season 1 episode 1 for this show, though, since it is a story. However, the chapters are only 40 minutes long - so you can easily binge this series.

That’s it! I hope you can use this week’s blog to jump into some new music, podcasts or a mixture of the two. If you have any suggestions for me on what I should be listening to, let me know! Happy listening.

- Sarah Zanchetta

Plants, plants, and more plants.

So we are all stuck inside, which again is very exciting. I cannot wait for the day that we can go outside into the world, grab a coffee and go for a walk through a busy park without worrying about a deadly virus. That will be nice. 

Alas, this could be many months from now. And I, like many of you, are not emotionally prepared for this. Well, I guess no one is since this was kind of a surprise.

Not going outside, or limiting my time out has been increasingly difficult as the days go on. But lucky, I have created a little forest inside my apartment over the past year - so I thought it would be a good time to share my emotional support plants with all of you.

Since my partner and I have bought most of our plants at a little unmarked store over the years, they did not come with any information. I do not know the names of most of these plants I will share with you, but I do know that they like a lot of light - since they have survived my extremely sunny apartment so far.

So here are my plants, and a few little details about them. 

So that is my little forest so far. If you have any idea what some of my plants are please share below, I always love learning more about the flora inside my apartment. Plus it helps us take care of them better. Also, do you have any house plants? I want to see them! Tag me in those photos, and so we can build a virtual outdoors together. 

Stay safe, and I’ll see you next week!

- Sarah Zanchetta

Let’s Kill Time Together.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m about a week into social isolating, and it feels like I’m slowly going insane. Usually, my weeks are quite busy, filled with 10-hour workdays, night classes, my art practice, plus trying to spend time friends and family.

Now, I just sit in my apartment, watching documentaries and making art. Don’t get me wrong; having time to work on my practice is an upside to this crazy situation; however, I do have to give my hands a break at some point.

So those breaks have to lead to short walks through High Park, cleaning my apartment or playing the new Animal Crossing. And if you couldn’t tell already, this is a massive change for me. It has been such a big switch from running around like crazy to staring at a wall for hours on end, and I know I’m not alone in this.

So if you are also having a hard time staying at home, and you have cleaned that cutlery drawer twice already, then I think it’s time I share something new with you.

(Also, side note this is no way sponsored - I just started using their service this week and think everyone, especially right now, could benefit from it. Okay, so back to the blog!)


Skillshare is an online learning platform that empowers teachers and creatives by giving them a space to share their skills. The best part is that you get to watch these videos and learn from the comfort of your own home. 

They cover mostly creative skills: photography, animation, creative writing, etc. But if that is not your thing, they also have some lifestyle videos and marketing tools as well. 

When you first go to the SkillShare website, after you sign up, it can be quite daunting. There are a lot of lists, headings, and what seems like hundreds of videos. The videos or lessons can be anywhere from 16 minutes to 2 hours in length, and they also offer workshop series which can be longer as well. 

Currently, I’m jumping in and out of different topics. So I thought I would share with you the list of videos that I’m going through right now. 

So under marketing, I’m watching:

Insta Creative: Documenting Your Creative Journey on Instagram by Linda & David

Personal Branding: Crafting Your Social Media Presence by Kate Arends

How to Discover Profitable Design Trends Before Anyone Else – and Create Artwork with Mass Appeal by Cat Coquillette

Business analytics: 

Fundamentals of Google Analytics by Jeff Sauer

Pricing Your Work and Negotiating with Clients by Jesse LeDoux


Painting with Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners by Danielle Clough

And lastly photography:

Art Photography: How to Photograph Your Art for Social Media by Sean Dalton

DIY Concrete-Look Backdrops for Product Photography by Tabitha Park

I’m currently diving into several of these videos at the same time since I can’t seem to focus right now - but I am really enjoying the service so far, it is a nice change from watching Netflix on the couch - it feels a little more productive. 

Skillshare is a paid service, $20.00 a month - which I think is pretty fair for the amount of product you are getting. However, you can get the first two months for free right now! This method is what I am currently doing - so I will give you an update if I end up buying the service, but for right now, I love it.

Here is my link to join SkillShare, since I had a hard time finding the two months free promo for myself. So why not share! Let me know if you try it out, and what classes you watch! 

- Sarah Zanchetta

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