336, 2019

Cotton fabric, polyester fabric, and foam. 


“336” critically explores the male role within the female reproductive system. By altering found imagery depicting ‘traditional’ masculinity into a repetitive design, Sarah pushes the boundaries between the feminine and the masculine. This floral pattern was then printed onto fabric, and transformed into an installation of oversized birth control pills. There are a total of 336 pills, one for every day of a 12-month prescription. The hormonal medication is represented by the 252 patterned pink pieces, while the white fabric is used for the 85 sugar pills. “336” is an immersive soft sculpture, that calls the viewer forward to question their relationship with the subject matter. Should men be involved with the regulations around female contraceptive? How much do you know about the medication you take daily? Why does it cost so much? Or should it cost anything at all? My body, my choice - but are the side effects worth it? Sarah Zanchetta’s goal is to create an environment where these conversations can be held freely, and debate can thrive, to further educate the public about the pill.

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